Ripple is a currency exchange network that’s to be used by major financial institutes and banks. This system is build upon a distributed open source internet protocol, a consensus ledger and a native cryptocurrency called Ripple, XRP. This currency can NOT be mined. But to make sure there’s not flood on XRP on the market, RippleNet is introducing a limited amount of coins to the market every month for the next few years. Coins that have not been sold in the first month, will move to a new month and the end of the timeline. At this way demand for the coin will always be in balance with its availability.

Many companies already use Ripple. Among them are Deloitte, Accenture and many, many banks. More agreements are expected in 2018 and the years to come.

Where to get a ripple wallet?

There are not many ways to get a wallet for Ripple. You can always open an account on an exchange like Bitfinex. Also Gatehub would do the trick. The safest way is to get a hardware wallet. Personally I use the Ledger Nano S.

How to buy XRp / Ripple?

Buying Ripple can be done on multiple exchanges, including Bitfinex and On Bitfinex you can exchange your other currencies for Ripple. This goes fast and smooth. Bitfinex is often used for trading and people who really invest in coins. On Litebit you would buy Ripple in exchange for traditional money. I have been using Litebit on multiple occasions, and deem them trustworthy.