Gulden (NLG) is a cryptocurrency that came to live as a way to re-implement a national currency in The Netherlands. Before the introduction of the Euro in 1999 people in The Netherlands used to pay with the Gulden, which was abbreviated as Hfl (Hollandse Florijn). Long story short, this coin was made with some chauvinistic sentiment.

It can already be used at a variety of shops and webshops in The Netherlands. But we can’t say it’s a coin that’s very common.¬†With Gulden you send money to each other, wire it to any IBAN account, and pay at Gulden merchants. The value of Gulden is determined by the demand for Gulden, as with gold or silver.

  • Local coin, mainly aimed at the Dutch market
  • Easy exchange from IBAN to Gulden and back again
  • Not very volatile
  • Personally I consider this a fun coin, because I’m Dutch. But – like with every local coin of relative small countries – don’t expect major profits. This is not a investment coin.