Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash was founded in August 2017 after a hard-fork from the Bitcoin blockchain. The developers from Bitcoin Cash wanted to do things differently. So they copied the open-source code and history of Bitcoin, made some changes and that became Bitcoin Cash, or now also called Bcash, or BCH.

The main concern for the Bitcoin network, is the ability to scale. Bitcoin can handle 7 transactions per second, and with the heavy increase on users, the network can’t handle the traffic. This increases waiting times. The core developers of Bitcoin decided to introduce the Segwit2x. But another group thought this was not enough, and they launched Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash has increased block size of 8mb, which accelerates the verification process of a transfer. And regardless of the number of miners supporting it, this bigger block of information has a adjustable level of difficulty. Critics think this could influence the safety of Bcash, but that’s another story.