Two years ago I was stunned by Skylanders. I talked to the guys at and claimed it was brilliant. Now the game/toy series has made them more than one billion dollars! I guess that makes my ‘predictions’ correct. Last week Actvision revealed a new, third, part of the Skylanders series. will introduce new toys that consist out of two pieces (legs and body), with each of the body pieces influencing its powers in the digital world.

Eric Hirschberg, CEO of , talks about the new Skylanders and its magic.

I have a small confession to make. Even though I know the games are childish, sort of easy etc. I still enjoy playing Skylanders. It’s a fun game without too much hassle. People – video game friends – who know me, will also know I tend to play games that do not demand the most skill. I play World of Warcraft on a very casual level (dailies FTW), love playing games like Transformers, Assassin’s Creed, FIFA and some indie stuff. I’m not into becoming a Pro COD player or beating Ninja Gaiden on the highest difficulty settings. When I beat a game I will most likely never ever play it again… history proves it.

So, . I’m not extremely excited or anything, but I don’t mind having this milking cow around. And yes, I’m also kinda interested in Disney Infinity. Btw. Did you see the new Monster University trailer? I’m SO going to watch that movie!

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