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From now on I will be writing my articles in English. I’ve no idea why I do this, but I guess it fits the general gaming audience better. First of all, my sincere apologies for the lack of updates. I will promise you more articles in the coming future. I kick off this soft relaunch of with some work I did last week. I had the chance to play the first three hours of the new game and did two interviews with the people behind the game.

Game producer Daniel Bisson van was very open about the premise of . He claimed it was better than Uncharted because the character of Lara truly develops in the game. In all fairness, when an adolescent girl like Lara develops from a chick that has never shot a gun before to a machine gun gang killing with three hours… I don’t call that evolution, that’s more like she’s some freaky chick with two personalities.

After the chat with Daniel Bisson with sat down with community manager Meagan Marie, who’s very much into herself. We talked about fan responses, fan feedback and the popularity of as a game icon.

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  • Roger

    Uncharted was a Tomb Raider copy to begin with.

  • 2wisted

    Uncharted was originally called a Tomb-raider clone, considering the platforming, 3rd person shooting and gameplay qualities in Drake’s fortune were IDENTICAL.
    All Uncharted has done is improve the shooting mechanics to a more up-to date standard and made the game more cinematic with set pieces and a crap ton of animations, that’s really it.

    Because Tomb Raider has made itself more cinematic and touched up the tech, it’s now a clone? LOL. Irony at it’s finest.

    Even Naughty Dog said they were inspired by Tomb Raider during the development of Uncharted. What a joke.