I had the chance to play the opening levels of the new Sly Cooper. The devious sneaking raccoon is back, but this time on the . The game isn’t rather difficult and combines simple puzzles with platform adventure elements and a little bit of action. The graphics in particular make this game stand out. It seems like this Sly Raccoon: Thieves in Time game will be a tribute to the oldskool Sly and to the fans that still love this old PS2 series.

Do not expect tons of innovation in the first next generation game in the Sly series. This is much more a continuation of existing ideas, tailored to the . In game design the game feels pretty much oldskool, but in design the world is bigger than before. Ok, at least it looks bigger. videos of the game after the break!

Here are two videos that provide you with tons of !

provides you enough reason to be excited about this game. No, it will most likely be no contender for a game of the year award, but it will surely mark the great return of Sly Cooper and the first coming of the next generation Sly.

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